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Welcome to the home of SII, a project by one Yorktown High School student (so far) to create a python IDE for blind people using the linux speech synthesizer Flite which will also have a graphical user interface.

So let's pretend for a second that you are blind as well as a programmer.  How would you go about writing a program without being able to see anything.  SII is the answer.  Based off of IDLE (shipped with python) this program will allow you to go through loads of code real fast and real easy.  No longer will you have to use a screen reader to go through each line of code step by step, character by character.  Now you will be able to skip and hop over class definitions, functions definitions, loops, statement blocks, you name it.  

SII isn't only for blind people.  What if you have a webserver and are lacking a working monitor.  You can use SII to write your Zope python scripts.  Or maybe you just like that semi-human voice to keep you company while you program away into the late night hours.  In any case, SII is the answer!

Please use the navigation bar at left to work your way around and check back frequently! This is an ongoing project that is sure to develop quickly, so add a bookmark and don't be a stranger. Logo