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Way back, when it was summer, I was talking to my computer science teacher,  Mr. Elkner, about possible science fair projects for the upcoming school year.  He spoke to me of an e-mail he had gotten from Matt Campbell, suggesting that as a python project, one of the Yorktown computer science students could try to make an IDE for blind people.  Until now I had never heard of blind programmers.  Little did I know that there was an entire community of blind programmers out there.

As we sat at our lunch table at McDonalds, we discussed the possibilities of making a python IDE for blind people and came to the quick conclusion that it wasn't a very viable project; at least not for a high school student.  However, as the next school year started and due dates for the science fair project selections came ever closer, I decided (nearly out of despair) that I would take on this challenging project and go where no one had gone before; at least with a copyleft that is.

So I e-mailed Matt Campbell, and the project began. Logo